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Are you conscious there is above $35 BILLION in unclaimed cash in the United States and some of it is unclaimed inheritance? UnclaimedInheritance.org will guide you on what unclaimed inheritance is and how to find out if you have inheritance that is owed to you!

Inheritance can turn out to be an unclaimed asset as soon as there is a death and the heirs cannot be located.

If an individual dies and you are the heir entitled to some or all of their estate and the institution holding the funds does not know how to contact you or that you are the entitled heir – the cash becomes unclaimed money.

Unclaimed inheritance can include:

  1. Bank accounts
  2. Savings Accounts
  3. Life Insurance Payments
  4. Safety Deposit Boxes
  5. Social Security checks
  6. Old Pay Checks
  7. Stocks, Bonds and Dividends
  8. …the list goes on and on.

If the institution holding they cannot reach you by means of the contact Info available on the account they hold the cash for 2-3 years in most states. After that time the cash is turned over to the Point out Exactly where the institution is or the express wherever the last identified address is. Some accounts are turned above to the Authorities government.

This cash sits in the express or Authorities unclaimed funds pools until the rightful owner claims it. The issue is the account owners of unclaimed inheritance accounts usually do not know the funds even exists so the cash just sits and sits and sits…

The unclaimed cash pool in the US has grown to a staggering $35 BILLION owed to millions of Americans.

You can find this cash by searching for it.

The best way to look up for unclaimed inheritance is to look up an “all in one” database. Seeing that it is an inheritance looking up your express of residence is not enough. You should look up a database that covers all 50 states and the Authorities databases.

Now that you know what unclaimed inheritance is you can search to see if you or your household are entitled to any of the $35 Billion in unclaimed cash waiting to be claimed!

UnclaimedInheritance.org is a free resource that aims to bring you information and resources on finding your unclaimed inheritance, property, funds and money.